ISP Health, Safety, Environment HSE


The intent of this HSE policy is to establish the strategy towards health, safety, and environmental issues for all personnel of ISP involved in the manufacturing and fabrication of all the products at ISP’ facility, Miryang city, Korea.


We encourage and expect each employee to be environmentally responsible and to conduct work practices in a safe manner in accordance with established policies and procedures. All personnel of ISP provided with a safe working environment for which to perform their tasks. All personnel of ISP provided with the proper training to conduct their work practices in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

We build health, safety and environmental (HSE) considerations into all phases of our operations, including product development and design, operations and maintenance. The responsibilities for health, safety and the environment are established at all levels of the company.

We actively participate with government agencies and other appropriate groups to ensure that the development and implementation of environmental, health and safety policies, laws, regulations, and practices promote the present and future well-being of our people and the environment and are based on sound scientific judgment.