FIBERBOND® GRP Piping System

FIBERBOND® advanced composite piping systems are designed, produced, installed, tested, and certified as complete system, serves new construction, expansion, and retrofit projects throughout the world, principally in the marine, offshore oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

All FIBERBOND® pipe and fittings are fiberglass products manufactured in a resin matrix reinforced with glass fibers. The glass fibers provide the strength and the resin matrix provides the superior corrosion resistance. Together, the composite attains the excellent properties of both components. FIBERBOND® Fiberglass Piping Series are filament wound products using a winding angle of 54° which is the principal axis of loading for internal pressure.

Advantage of FIBERBOND® GRP Piping System

Joint Butt and Strap (No Glue Joints) .
FIBERBOND® TigerWrap™ joint, can be visually inspected and tested for degree of cure prior to hydro-testing,
is much stronger than conventional FRP piping joint of “Socket Adhesive”.
Corrosion Resistant Both internally and externally.
Modification Reproducible. Easier modification and repairing at site.
Expansion Coupling Reliable, flexible, and easier installation GRP expansion Joint.
Type Approval By Major Class societies and USCG.

Joining Strength Comparison - Butt & Strap Vs Socket Adhesive