2018 The 3rd Workshop opened at Mokpo city.
2017 The 2nd factory operation at Mijeon Industrial Complex at Miryang City.
2016 Product Model Approved by KFI(Korea Fire Institute) for GRP pipes and fittings.
2015 Opening in-house R&D center.
2014 Moved to a new facility at Yongjeon Industrial Complex at Miryang City.
2013 Award “Quality System Certificate” by Hyundai Heavy Industries for FIBERBOND® GRP Piping System and
HEATBAND® Cargo Heating Coil System.
2012 Patent for the “Procedure and method for GRP coating inside of alloy piping and bulkhead penetration piece” Patent No.10-1209270.
2011 Enlisted as a Technical Venture Company by Korean Government. Listed No.20110101881.
2010 Delivery record of 100 vessels for HEATBAND® Heating Coil System.
2009 WPS(Welding Procedure Specification) approved by ABS(American Bureau of Shipping).
2008 Product Type Approval by KR(Korea Register of Shipping) for GRP Pipes and Fittings.
2007 ISO 9001 Approval No.CA-Q-111534.
Supplying FIBERBOND® GRP Pipe and Fitting to Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. for the project of ExxonMobil East Area B Project.
2006 Approved vendor of Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
Incorporated as a Company Limited.